Priya Selvarajah

Priya Selvarajah, MD

Priya Selvarajah, MD

Clinical Research Manager

Priya completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at SUNY Stonybrook before going on to earn her M.D. Prior to joining Richmond Behavioral Associates, she worked in clinical research specializing in OB/Gyn and Cardiology. Priya oversees clinical trial implementation and supervises the clinical monitoring team at Richmond Behavioral Associates ensuring compliance with SOP’s, local regulations, CFR, ICH, and GCP guidelines.


pediatric autism

Currently, there are no treatments for the core symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Children 17 and under may qualify for a clinical trial to help change that.

memory loss

 Free memory screenings are now available to help detect symptoms. Those who receive a free screening may be eligible to participate in ongoing clinical trials.


If you or someone you know is affected by depression, upcoming clinical trials may be an option. Learn more today!